Is relationship counselling right for you?

Perhaps, ask yourself these questions and judge for yourself.

  • Have you lost the emotional connection with your partner?
  • Has your relationship become toxic?
  • Is your love tank empty or nearly empty?
  • Do you have people interfering in your relationship?
  • Are you defensive or always on the attack?
  • Are you considering or have you already tested the greener grass on the other side?
  • Are you riding on a constant wave of negative thoughts about your partner?
  • Do you prefer to spend more time on social media than with your partner?
  • Are you over of the constant conflict in your relationship?
  • Is the nagging getting you down?

‘The more you want someone to change, the more they will stay the same’. Don’t let this be you.

It is never too late to fix your relationship!

In a few sessions you will start to see those emotional barriers crumbling and feel a sense of connection slowly creeping back into your relationship. Some couples would prefer to split their families up and spent thousands of dollars on legal representation rather than trying relationship counselling.

Imagine the feeling reconnecting back to the days when you first met, how he/she made your heart skip a beat and you never wanted to be apart. Imagine having this back in your relationship, of being able to cuddle up on the lounge and watch a movie, going for a walk in a magical place, looking forward to planning a holiday or obtaining a goal you both aim to achieve. Imagine again being able to support each other in a loving way, so the whole family benefits, making your home a peaceful and happy place. Well it all can be yours!

Note: Both people in the relationship must want the connection to work; once you have this agreement, then the healing can start.

Linda has over ten years of experience in helping couples to reconnect and see through the actual issues that are causing the distress in their lives. It only takes one phone call (02)4359 1976. The choice is yours.