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I especially want to thank you for what you have done for my daughter. Before the week with you her thoughts were always on the negative and imagining catastrophes all the time. The turnaround to positive has been amazing and noticeable to her as well. As she said yesterday, she is happy despite some family setbacks with her children. Usually she would have been a basket case. Thank you. It was heartbreaking having to stand by and see her suffer so much. What you have done has not only helped her but also me, her boys, Mark and his family and Simon and other people she mixes with. You are an angel.

Hi Linda,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful “Girls Day In” we were privileged enough to experience. My sister and her two daughters, myself and my two daughters had all wanted to have a bonding day together. As it should happen your healing centre kept being thrown at me, work, hairdressers, my daughter. It was such a beautiful day from the moment we walked into your calm, serene environment. We started to relax immediately. We chose the reiki, psychic reading and massage and each one of those were amazing. The six of us floated out of there afterwards and all decided it was something we must do again in three months, however this time they have all told friends and it looks like it’s getting bigger!!

Thank you to Linda, Cecile and Donna for a day we keep recalling and can’t wait to repeat..

Crystal Waters Healing is the perfect place for a “Girls Day In”.

We all had the most amazing, relaxing, spiritual and inspirational day in beautiful, serene surroundings. A big thank you to Linda for your help and guidance on the day and for organising this wonderful experience for us. Also thank you to Cecile and Donna for the reading and much needed massage. I can recommend Crystal Waters Healing to anyone needing some time out for themselves.

We will be rebooking in the very near future.

Thank you Linda for teaching me to smile again. With your help, I have been able to move onto the next part of my life. The scars from my past are no longer defining who I am and I am allowing myself to let the past go.

You have a special gift Linda, and I feel so lucky to have met you. Thank you so much for your guidance, I will always remain willing to learn more from you.


I believe the house clearing you have done for us has made a difference, and I have been burning the sage as asked. I cannot thank you enough for doing that for my family and me……… we can now move forward with more ease and peace in our adventure of life. Many blessings and gratitude to you and your family. Thank you so much xx

From my heart to yours, thank you

Anamarie C 🙂
Left shoulder rotator cut and right hand sprain.

I had the wonderful experience and treatment by Linda. Having been a massage therapist, working with essential oils, I appreciate Linda’s talents in the ‘healing’ field and I can recommend her techniques to anyone in need.

Marry this to her treatment room, her loving manner, willingness to assist, atmosphere and care as she applied Reiki to my shoulder and hand.

Problem: my arm was difficult to raise at that time. After the treatment, I found that I was able to raise my arm once again. I also received help for my right hand. I always look forward to times of treatment with Linda.

Rosaleen F-E
Hi Linda

Just want to thank you for helping me become a more confident and positive person. For years I lacked confidence to have a say in many things. I troubled myself over making even the simplest decisions, driving my family crazy many a time.

Now I am willing to speak up and voice my opinion, it has made my life much better.

Thank you Linda

Hi Linda,

I wish to thank you for your ongoing help, understanding and professionalism. I came to you with “chronic back pain”, wanting a Reiki treatment. During the treatments you unraveled a lot of hidden emotional problems from my past, including my childhood. I had great results from the first treatment. With each treatment, there is significant and permanent change. Thanks so much, and I look forward to my next treatment.

P.S. It’s just great, to get such a positive outcome.

Regards Terry.
Dear Linda

Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of snakes. As I live on acreage, snakes are always about during the warmer months and it affected my willingness to work on my land. I remember watching a snake show and sat as far from the ring as possible! After one session with you, I didn’t really believe anything substantial changed. I was very surprised that my next encounter with a snake (at another snake show) did not fill me with an overwhelming fear at all. In fact, I approached and stroked the snake!!! I still have a healthy respect for them, especially the dangerous ones!

Thank you so much.


I had been writing a list of all the issues I was having in my life and there seemed to be no end to it. I was looking for an answer. My blood pressure was really high I was feeling very tired, over weight and angry. A friend recommended that I go and have a session with you. Unsure if anyone could help, I gave it a go. I had felt completely drained and exhausted for many days but improved instantly after seeing you. I have been able to cope with everyday issues with ease. I have started to lose weight and am feeling lighter of all stresses. I can honestly say after only one session I have noticed a great improvement in my life, and I am looking forward to the future. And have no hesitations in seeking help from you in the future.

I wanted to send you a short note to say thanks for helping me. I had been looking for a way to calm down and relieve some stress in my life. I found Crystal Waters Healing Centre and after a session with you, I found that I was able to control my stress levels and calm down. I gained an understanding that what I had been worried about was out of my control and I needed to let it go and focus on the present. I have found a renewed sense of peace in my life.

Thank you