How Can I Help You?

Feeling down? Stressed? Anxious?  Maybe you just want to talk to someone who will REALLY listen? Linda is here to listen, and provide skills to help you work through whatever is troubling you!

Linda offers many techniques to help you meet the challenges of achieving your potential. You are not alone. Her skills cover a wide variety of modalities to help you cope with and manage difficult and emotional situations.

What Is Counselling?

  • Counselling is a way of exploring your personal situations and problems with a professional who is empathic, impartial and non-judgemental.
  • Counselling does not provide magical answers or advice but assists you to explore yourself and find resolution.
  • Counselling may explore past and present relationships and therefore may be upsetting, however.
  • Counselling can help you understand your situation and overcome your problems within it.
  • Counselling may direct you to resolution.

Why Choose Counselling?

  • Counselling is a professional, caring and confidential service offered to couples, individuals, or families seeking assistance with personal issues and difficulties.
  • Counselling is a means of gaining support and guidance through challenging times and can assist you to develop better, more effective coping mechanisms and strategies to be used in the future.
  • Counselling can help you to clearly establish your life goals.